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Weifang Worldbest Fine Ceramics Co., Ltd. is a professional production of reaction-bonded silicon carbide products business, with a total investment of 9 million yuan, the introduction of German production technology, the design production capacity of up to 200 tons. Products at energy saving, temperature wear resistance, corrosion resistance, mechanical parts, bullet-proof ceramics and other series. Its main products are sets of burners, radiant tubes, quench pipe, beams, sticks, batts, thermocouple protection tube, sagger, crucibles, sandblasting nozzles, flak, grinding barrels, seals, nozzles and shaped desulfurization temperature, wear and corrosion resistance and so on. Silicon carbide products with high strength, high hardness, high wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, thermal shock resistance, oxidation resistance, thermal shock resistance, good thermal conductivity and thermal efficiency higher basic performance and features. Meet European industry standards, the quality of the world's advanced level. Products can be widely used in ceramics machinery, metallurgy, electronics, chemical, petroleum, iron and steel, building materials, paper, mining, defense and other fields. The company has first-class high-tech ceramics processing equipment, professional R & D and production staff, to provide you with comprehensive application solutions silicon carbide.


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