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  Wanbang Enterprise Culture  

The spirit of enterprise: integrity, standards, innovation, win-win

Mission: healthy living, environmental protection

Work style: serious, strict, active

Life style: equality, trust, appreciation, affection

Corporate vision: to create a world-class ceramic leading national brands

Highest purpose: to build industry-leading brands, promote national culture

Corporate values: the pursuit of employees, customers grow into being long-term development


A non-unique quality imitation, an irresistible charm of green, we hope to share with more customers. Only stand the test of time, in order to highlight the real high quality. IMC uphold its scientific and reasonable formula, regardless of manana, character remains the same.

  IMC staff knowledge structure of  

Humane management "5S" is a site management methods of modern business management in a very scientific, normative. Bade sustainable stage of development management model is "humane 5S management model", that is: we never think management is managing people, but will have common values and common pursuit of people together, give full play to the collective The strength to achieve an ambitious dream - to create a glorious life.

  Scientific and effective education and training  

Follow the world's newest training system, the integration of the essence of eastern and western education, and produce IMC marketing training system is a perfect reproduction of teaching two-way communication, including skills from marketing to business etiquette and other aspects of a large number of educational content. It is no exaggeration to say that Bade marketing skills through training, you can become a marketing expert in the industry.


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